Summer Recreation Program

 We are excited to have Jerry LeGreve returning this year as Director. Check out the Summer Rec Facebook page.  CALANDER OF EVENTS   REGISTRATION FORM     2018 FLYER
Welcome to the Summer Recreation Program of Brownsville.  Supervised activities throughout the program, which will run from dates in June to July. We will use all the different aspects the park has to offer.  
The focus this summer will be on developing the skills needed to participate in recreational activities such as baseball/softball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis/racquet sports, etc.  While practicing their skills, the kids will also learn the rules and participate in friendly competition among each other.  
    We hope to plan trips to other recreational facilities such as the Y, Horicon Nature Center, the Tag Center, Dan’s Village Bowl, etc.   On days of trips, bus transportation will be provided to and from our destination (except Dan’s Village Bowl).  Additional fees may be required based on the facility.
Here are a few main points of information to ensure the program runs successfully:
    1. Attendance in not required for the program, however, everyone is encouraged to participate as much as possible. 
    2. Children should always wear or bring along a pair of tennis shoes and dress appropriately, as most of our activities involve athletics/running.
    3. Each child must be signed in/out every day.  If your child/children have permission to walk/bike home on their own, a written note from a parent/guardian agreeing to this is needed.
    4. Children are encouraged to bring a snack and/or a water bottle.  If they bring a non-disposable bottle please be sure to put a name on it.


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   Ordinance #2019-01   

Ordinance No. 2019-01 An Ordinance Amending Sec. 15.06 Adoption of Codes of the Brownsville Municipal Code was adopted by the Village of Brownsville Board, Feb. 13, 2019 ORDINANCE No. 2019-01 (/Ordinance amending sec 15.06 Code.pdf)..