Street Utility

Brownsville has approximately four miles of streets with in its borders. The street department is responsible for the maintenance and care of those streets, including signage, repair and snow removal.

Snow removal is the most recognized service the village provides especially when residents disapprove of certain removal schedules determined by the superintendent. Please remember that the village strives to give its residents and visitors the most timely and safe snow removal services possible. It must, however, prioritize streets to plow and adapt to winter weather conditions. The preferred time to remove snow is during the hours of 1AM and 6AM, when the No Parking Ordinance kicks into effect. The advantage of snow removal in the wee-hours is no parked cars and no traffic. This makes removal much faster than compared to during peak travel times. Preference to night removal will always play a role in determining when plowing will take place.


Highland  Ave Phase #2 - Completed in 2012

 The village reconstructed another section of Highland in 2012. The project started at the St. Paul's intersection and continued east through the Church Street intersection.

Main Street Project - Completed in 2013

A curb replacement project took place in 2013, coinciding with WisDOT's maintenence of Hwy 49. Curb from West Ave to the bridge was replaced along with street inlets and approaches. There was some water main work being done with this project and all sidewalk on Main St. that were in need of repair as well.





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