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Chapter 1- Contents and Village Government
Chapter 2 - Finance and Taxation
 Chapter 3- Emergency Government
 Chapter 5- Business Regulation
 Chapter 6- Animals
Chapter 7- Recycling
 Chapter 8- Health and Safety
NEW ORD.#2019-02: An Ord. Restricting Burning of Refuse, Open Burning, & Recreational Fires
 Chapter 9- Peace and Order
Ord. #2016-03 Creating Sec 9.46 - Owner Liability for Violations of Theft of Motor Fuel
Chapter 9 Ord. No. 2017-03 An Ordinance to Repeal Brownville Muni Code Sec. 9.17Section 9.17 -0 Sex Offender
Chapter 10 - Traffic Code
Chapter 11 - Snowmobile Code
Chapter 12 - Streets, Sidewalks and Public Places
Chapter 13 - Water and Sewers
Chapter 15 - Building and Construction
Chapter 16 - Mobile Homes and Parks
Chapter 18 - Zoning Code
18.13 Regulating Parking in Residential Yards
Chapter 25 - Construction and Effect

   Burn Ordinance   

The Village recently updated the "Burning Ordinance". Check out the updated version HERE (/LiteratureRetrieve.aspx?ID=244839)..

WATER OUTAGE: With the ongoing construction residents and businesses may experience water service outages. We will try and keep you informed if your service has a planned outage via flyers and door inserts. Generally service work will commence..