Village of Brownsville
Alfred D. Brown

The Village of Brownsville was named after Alfred D. Brown, who came from England to the United States in 1864. In 1850 Brown bought the first stock of goods to be sold in the township of Lomira. Brown settled 80 acres of land, one-half mile east of Brownsville. Brown was one of the pioneer farmers and first merchants of this section of the county. He also brought the second threshing machine into the town from Milwaukee, which he used with horses purchased in Chicago. The station and Village of Brownsville were named in his honor in April, 1878.

Although the small village hosted many businesses throughout its early years, it was not until almost a hundred years after Brown’s arrival that it sought incorporation. In 1947 the Village of Brownsville established a sanitary district with Fred Kemmel, Harold McCarty and Alton Rosenkranz as officers. This district was set up after the passing of a referendum to build a sewage disposal plant and drill a well.

In the fall of 1953 a move was made to incorporate the village. A special election was held December 16, 1952 to decide if Brownsville should become incorporated. At the time census was 262, the voters decided in favor of incorporation by a vote of 110 in favor and 5 being opposed.
On December 23, 1952 the village was incorporated. O.M. Jacobson was elected as the village’s first president with Charles M. Bloohm and Arnold Ewerdt serving as trustees.  Other officials included: Karl Pieper, clerk; Hubert Rusch, treasure; J.G. McCrury, assessor; Martin Beck, constable; Fred Kemmel, supervisor; and Otto Ruedebusch, justice of the peace.

Presidents of the Village of Brownsville

 November 24, 1952 – March 1963  
 Oliver M. Jacobson
 April 6, 1963 – April 9, 1964   
 R.L. Armour
 May 14, 1964 – April 13, 1967   
 Martin Beck
 May 10, 1967 – March 11, 1970   
 Joseph Lauber
 April 8, 1970 – September 9, 1987  
 Dale R. Michels
 October 14, 1987 – April 12, 1995  
 Harry A. Jacobson
 May 10, 1995 – April 11, 2001   
 Ronald M. Sabel
 May 9, 2001 - April 20, 2011
 May 21, 2012 - Present 
 Harold J Johnson
 Jeffrey Bloohm


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