After 28 years, our assessor for the Village of Brownsville the respected, Erma Franke has retired from the Village.  Our new assessor will be the firm of Grota Appraisals, LLC.  They serve many of the surrounding communities including the City of Fond du Lac.  Nathan Carlson will be our contact his email address is or phone 262-253-1142

Starting in 2016 and continuing the process thru 2017, the Village will be doing a re-evaluation of property.  The appraiser will be viewing your property, and may contact you for additional information.

The tax bill residents pay is based on an assessment of property. The tax is determined at a rate, for example in 2012 it was 20.40 per $1,000. So, just to keep it simple, a house assessed at 100%, and $100,000 would owe $2,040 in property taxes. A house assessed at $250,000 would owe $5,100. Who determines a specific house's assessed value? Our assessor, they use different tools to reach an assessment that correctly meets requirements set by established standards.

Once a year, residents may review their (or any residents) valuations. This is called Open Book. It is here you may review your assessment and if you wish, contest the figure by filing an objection with the Clerk. If you contest the valuation, you will appear at the Board of Review, where the Village Board will determine the assessment.

To be clear: First comes Open Book, then filing an objection, then Board of Review. The Board of Review can hear only sworn oral testimony regarding the value of the property. It cannot hear protests regarding the amount of property taxes or questions of exemption. The best evidence of value is a recent sale of contested property. The next best is a sale of comparable property. If the above evidences are not available, some other evidence should be presented such as: cost, appraisal, and sales of like property.  INFORMATION -  APPEAL GUIDE FOR PROPERTY OWNERS

Look for the Open Book and Board of Review dates in for the current year in the News section, or contact the clerk or 920-583-4087


Lomira School District serves the Village of Brownsville.

The Regular Village Board Meeting will take place at the Village Hall 514 Railroad St., on Wednesday February 12, 2020 starting after the 6:00 p.m. Check back here closer to the date for an agenda. Please contact the clerk if you wish an ite..