St. Paul’s Lutheran Church & School

In the summer of 1885, St. John’s Lutheran church of Lomira released fifteen of its member families to the west who founded St. Paul’s Lutheran Church No. 2 in Brownsville and built a church on Main Street. (St. Paul’s No. 1 was in the Town of Lomira and is now known as the Half-Way Church.) The following men are listed as founders of the congregation: William Zinke, Sr., Wilhelm Beitz, Gustav Rusch, Carl Schmeling Sr., Adolph Raasch, Charles F. Kuen, August Geisthardt, W. M. Bloohm, John Wiedenheft, Herman Micheel, Carl Schultz, Sr., Jacob Wurtz, Sr., Fred Friese, Frank W. Kuen, August F. Schultz.

At noontime on September 6, 1909, the first parsonage was destroyed by a fire caused by the explosion of a gasoline stove.
By 1910, church membership had grown to 105 families. A decision to build a new church was made on February 3, 1915. The cornerstone was laid in June and building was completed in November. This is the church in which we still worship today.

A full-time Christian Day School was established in 1924. Two years later, Mr. Arnold F. Wilbrecht was installed as teacher, organist, and choir director. He would serve in all these roles until his retirement in 1962. Shortly after 1924, the congregation also joined the Winnebago Lutheran Academy. An extra English service was added. Now there would be two per month instead of just one. In 1974 the decision was made to conduct all regular worship services on English.

• In 1958 two classrooms were built onto the back of the church.
• Two more classroom and office space were added to the school in 1970.
• In 1978, the congregation erected a fellowship hall.

The church continues to provide spiritual growth for all.

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