Sewer Utility


Brownsville’s sewer utility serves all its water customers. The utility maintains about 3.5 miles of collection system which includes two lift stations and 112 manholes. The treatment facility is located in the south-eastern section of the Village. Treatment consists of two wastewater lagoons following by a rotating biological contactor and a tertiary filter. The treatment process removes all the pollutants the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources requires to levels well below those allowed by the DNR and sends clean water into Kummel Creek which feeds the Rock River. 
For an interesting calculator, designed by UW-EX, to help you realize what your water use costs and ways to save money, click HERE.

Notice of Rate Increase for 2016

If your really interested in the nitty, gritty details feel free to contact Adam. If you like you can check out our main report, the Compliance Maintenance Annual Report, we must submit to the DNR each year, this year, we scored a 3.4 on their grading scale. Why not perfect? Last spring we had some BOD spikes at the sewer plant.

You might have noticed some work on Prospect Avenue this late spring. We have completed our upgrade of the liftstation. We replaced an old, deteriorating cast iron forcemain with a brand new plastic one. We also replaced all original valves and piping with a new valve pit. After almost fourty years of service in an extremely harsh environment, everything deserved its retirement. The new set-up will allow the staff to avoid any direct overflows to the creek, something everyone can appreciate.

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