Medicine in Brownsville – By Leland E. Friedrich, M.D.

Dr. Rolland Raymond was the first physician to practice in Brownsville. He opened his office in his home on Highland Ave. in 1907. He was joined by Dr. Judd Fuller in 1911. Dr. Fuller purchased a house on Highland Ave. and they practiced there on the 2nd floor.
Dr. Michel Ries bought Dr. Fullers practice and his house about 1935. Dr. Raymond continued his practice in that location with Dr. Ries.
Dr. Leland Friedrich joined Dr. Ries in practice in Jan. 1946, after serving 3 ½ years in the army as a army surgeon. Dr. Raymond discontinues practice at the time.

Fee’s then were $1 for an office call and $3 for a house call, even if the call was far away as Oakfield (about 10 miles). Home deliveries were still done frequently. The fee was $25, which included pre-natal care. Tonsillectomies were done in the office, one of the doctors giving the anesthetic (ether) and the other doing the surgery. Minor fractures were also treated in the office, including application of casts. The fee for tonsillectomies was $25, which included the fees of both doctors.

The offices were still in Dr. Ries’ house on the 2nd floor, the waiting room being on the 1st floor. A switch on the second floor lit a box in the waiting room, signaling the next patient to come upstairs to one of the two offices. One nurse assisted both doctors. Both doctors worked afternoons and nights, but each doctor had a day off each week. Night office hours often until 11p.m. Some patients would go to a local tavern and return later to avoid waiting in the waiting room. Each doctor was on call on alternate week ends, including Saturday afternoons.

In 1956 it was decided to build a clinic and begin as appointment practice. Dr Alton Rosenkranz joined the project and moved his dental practice from the old banks second floor.

Dr. Ries and Dr. Friedrich continued to practice in the new clinic until Dr. Ries retired in 1982 and Dr. Friedrich began practice with the Fond du Lac Clinic in Fond du Lac, taking over the Urgent Care department. The Fond du lac Clinic purchased the Brownsville Clinic and the time and medical service was provided by two new young doctors, Dr. Philip Keller and Dr. Gary Steel who are still practicing there. Note: Fee’s have gone up slightly on the years.

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