Community Club

The Brownsville Community Club stands for more then the big building at the west side of Brownsville. The club will be celebrating 60 years of incorporation of 2003. The first meeting of the Brownsville Community Club happened on Sept. 15, 1943. The Article of Incorporation was filed and the fee of five dollars we paid. The business and purpose of the club was to own and operate bowling alleys and other recreational equipment involved. The club was set up as a non-profit organization that would put the profits of the bowling alley back into the community. To make Brownsville a better place to live.

In 1944 the club sold bonds to fund themselves and build the bowling alleys and tavern. The grand public was held in the fall of 1944.
At the annual meeting of December 12, 1945 a motion was made that the club take steps to start a library.

The club was a major contributor to what we now call the Dale R. Michels Memorial Park. They purchased 6-1/2 acres of land at the end of Clark Street in November of 1947. This was a major improvement to what was then the park. As funds provided diamonds, fencing and toilets were built by the club.

The entertainment committee was the original founder of the Brownsville Community Christmas party that is attended by many of the residents of Brownsville and local areas today.

In the 1980’s, the members decided that the bowling alleys should be sold. The building that is now known as the Brownsville Community Club was constructed. It is not just a building that has weddings, dances and private functions, but also a community center that provides a meeting place to the local Lions Club, 4-H club many high school groups, church activities and training courses including hunter safety and snowmobile safety.

On June 11, 1994 a group of Brownsville Community Club Ladies attended a Brownsville Community Club Board meeting to request the formation of a Charitable Club as part of the Brownsville Community Club. They donated their time and energies to raise money for not only the needs of the Brownsville Community Club, the community at large. They provide kitchen services for small groups including meetings, Class Reunions, and gathering for around 50 people. Over the years they have donated over $17,000 to the Community club and other charities. They volunteered there help to the Oakfield disaster and to Quad Graphics during the fire.

They have 30 members and meet the second Thursday of each month for meetings and lunch. New members are welcome.

The Regular Village Board Meeting will take place at the Village Hall 514 Railroad St., on Wednesday February 12, 2020 starting after the 6:00 p.m. Check back here closer to the date for an agenda. Please contact the clerk if you wish an ite..