Business with in the Community

American Bank

The Brownsville State bank was chartered by the state of Wisconsin in 1908. P.H. McCarty and Keith Setzer who owned the canning factory in Brownsville at the time formed the bank. P.H. McCarty was the first bank president. The bank was located in Main St., west of what if currently Hoff’s grocery. In 1964 construction began for a new facility and in 1956 a new state of the art bank was opened at 505 Main St. This location is still in use, and in 2001 a new drive up lane was added.

Operating as The Brownsville State bank from 1908 until 1977, in 1977 valley bank Corporation located in Appleton, purchased the assets and the bank became a Valley Bank Office. Joe Lauber was president and director of the bank at the time and worked in Brownsville at the bank from approx. 1953-79. In 1979 when Lauber retired, Phil Mullins took over at Executive Vice President and Director.

In Dec. of 1993 the vice presidents from the Valley Bank’s home office were n their way to the Brownsville office to tell them M& I had purchased then when the Brownsville bank was robbed. This was the 3rd robbery attempt made at this location. The bank was an office of M&I for a very short time until Nov. of 1994 at which the American Bank of Fond du Lac purchased the bank. In 1994 Mullins retired and Marysue Michels, Vice President began managing the office in addition to the other Dodge county offices in Knowles and Mayville.

Brownsville Post Office
The Brownsville Post Office was originally located in the “Spiegelberg Building” located at 603-605 Main St. The current building was built in 1992 on west Main St.

Brownsville Mini- Storage

Pat and Peggy Schalinski opened Brownsville Mini-Storage in August 1995, to meet the storage needs of a growing community. In Aug. of 1997, a second building was opened to expand the number of units to 43. The Brownsville Mini-Storage is conveniently located just east of the Brownsville Community Center. This well-lit facility provides 24-hour access, for all customers’ storage needs. Each storage area is clean, fry and secure. The units range in sizes from 10X10 to 10X3 with the option of drive thru units (with doors on each end). An outside security lighting system and high security lighting key-entry system gives Brownsville Mini-Storage customers peace of mind, since they know their belongings are safe.

Cole’s Amoco Brownsville

The Brownsville Amoco was built in 1993. In August of1994, Ron and Karen Cole began operating the station and renaming it “Cole’s Brownsville Amoco.” Since then there have been some charges and additional diesel fuel island and new pumps with 24-hour pay at the pump with credit card. Cole’s also own and operate Cole’s Amoco in Lomira, the Amoco Hi-way Hop and Burger King (Burger King is a leased business) and a 3 bay carwash on east Avenue in Lomira. They also own Cole Oil and Propane, a fuel delivery business with has been in the family for generations, with delivery to surrounding areas of Brownsville.

Dan’s Village Bowl

The bowling alley was built in 1943 and opened for business in 1944 under the name of the Brownsville Community Club.Dan and Peggy Henke purchased the business in 1991 and renamed it Dan’s Village Bowl. The Business has hosted Lomira post prom activities and has both adult and children bowling leagues.

Drehers Collision Center

Dreher Collision Center is now located on W1120 hwy 49 and 175, Brownsville. The area’s newest high tech auto repair facility is known for giving customers high quality vehicle repairs and personalized service.

Bill Dreher started his business almost 23 years ago in Brownsville, in what had been the Westphal Chevrolet building. Every year the work volume increased to where there was a need to expand to a larger location. The new facility as opened in 2001.

Hoff’s United Foods

Hoff’s United Food, (Hoff’s Red Owl) was founded in 1962 by Wayne Hoff after purchasing the former Bloch’s Red Owl Store, which was run by Richard Bloch for over 30 years.  In a few years Wayne found it necessary to expand. He put up a new meat market with slaughtering facilities. In 1974, he added a small supermarket, used now as a grocery/convenience center. Today, Hoff’s United foods under the management of Wayne’s son Tim(Wayne passed away in Nov. 1997) along with his wife  Mindy, Mom Dorothy and dedicated employees, provides a grocery/convenience service to the community, it also offers slaughtering, processing, sausage making, curing and sales of sides and quarters. Also, known for their expertise in wild game processing. Hoff’s is a many time award winner of their fine products.

J & E Bloohm Partners

The Spiegelberg Building

The building in the corner of Clark and Main St. was built in 1912 as a hardware store and upstairs living quarters. It replaced a smaller hardware store building that had no living quarters. Some of the old buildings foundation was used for the new one. The property was owned and operated by George A. and Louisa Spiegelberg until 1947. At that time Ozzie Bloohm and Reggie Urban rented the downstairs Hardware store and started a Plumbing & heating business. In 1949 the store became known as Bloohm and Rousseau hardware. Mrs. Spiegelberg lived upstairs until her death in 1956. Bloohm and Rousseau then purchased the building. The downstairs was made up of a hardware store and the Post Office. The hardware store closed in 1960. In 1957 the large upstairs apartment was made into two living units one a 2 bedroom and the other a 3 bedroom. In 1961 Ozzie Bloohm purchased a Culligan franchise and operated it in conjunction with the Plumbing business. Culligan was operated out of the building until 1971.
In 1971 the building was soldto Jefrey and Eric Bloohm, they still won it today. The downstairs was remodeled into a 2 bedroom apartment in the rear, and beauty shop in the front.

The building today houses 3 apartments, Kar-len Catering and Don Kloetzke’s Art Studio.

Fond Du Lac Regional Clinic Brownsville Clinic, a member of Agnesian Healthcare

Dr. R.G. Raymond came to the Village of Brownsville 1905 and practiced out of his home on the corner of Clark St. and Highland Ave. Even more impressive for Brownsville it that, since 1924, there have been at least two doctors practicing in the area since Dr. J.D. Fuller joined Dr. Raymond from 1924 to 1935.

In 1935, Dr. Michael Ries Joined dr. Fuller and began to practice in the home of Dr. Ries on Highlan Ave. The waiting room was on the first floor and the exam rooms and laboratory were on the second floor.

Then in 1946, Dr. Friedrich joined Dr. Ries at his home practice until 1956, when they built the Ries-Friedrich Clinic. In 1983, the Fond du Lac Regional Clinic purchased the Ries-Friedrich Clinic.

Dr. Ries retired and Dr. Friedrich continued to practice in the Urgent Care Plus dept. of the FDL Regional Clinic.
Dr. Philip Keller and Dr. Steven Bondow started their practice at the Brownsville Clinic in Aug. of 1983. Dr. Bondow left the practice in 1984. In Aug. of 1985, Dr. gary Steele joined Dr. Keller and they continued to practice today.
In 1996, the Fond du Lac Regional Clinic and St. Agnes Hospital merged to form Agnesian Healthcare.

Jacobson Farmers Supply Inc.

In 1929, Oliver M Jacobson purchased the grain elevator and lumber yard owned by PH McCarty in Brownsville, naming it Jacobson Lumber Company.

The office was constructed in the 1930’s and is still used today by the Jacobson’s. By 1945 a hammer mill was installed in the grain elevator that is known today as “the mill” to grind grain for the local farmers. While there have been other structural additions to the mill over the years, many portions of the mill are still original structure as is the office.

By 1954, Oliver’s son, Harry officially came into the business. That year also was the incorporation of the business to Jacobson Lumber Company, Inc. in 1958 the lumber business was discontinued and with it the name change occurred to, Jacobson Farmers Supply Inc.
The 1970’s saw many changes. In the spring of 1972 Jacobson’ s became a Kent feeds dealer. A relationship that still exists to this day.
1987 saw the third generation Jacobson with Terri joining the family business.

If you think of us as a feed mill only, you are mistaken. Please feel free to stop on. You will be surprised. Many of our product lines are not farm related!

Jerry’s Service Station

Jerry’s Service Station began as a Mobile Station owned by Roy Muehlius. IN 1968 is became McDonald’s Service Station owned by Melvin (Mac) McDonald. Jerry McDonald purchased the current business form his father in May 1972 and established it as Jerry’s Service Station.

Michels Corporation

Originally organized in 1960, Michels pipeline Construction, Inc. began doing business as a natural gas pipeline and telephone construction contractor. Having earned the respect and reputation for providing quality construction services for a fair price, Michels was then able to expand its operation to larger underground utility construction projects throughout the Upper Midwest.

In 1970, Michels expanded into knowledge of underground utility construction and formed its Sewer, water and Tunnel division, adding tunnel construction as a specialized expertise of the company. In 1976, Michels materials began producing and supplying crushed aggregates for road and building construction projects throughout eastern Wisconsin.

Twenty years after completing its first cable job, Michel became one of the very first contractors involved in the construction of long distance fiber optic cable system in the U.S. forming Michels Mid-America Line & Cable.

Michels Pipeline Construction, Inc. has begun new ear having recently changed the name to Michels Corporation. Over the years, Michels have diversified and evolved into a company which provides a wide array of services to the construction industry. Today, the name Michels Corporation represents the breadth of the services and capabilities of linking systems from energy, communications, transportation and distribution.


The building now known as MJ’s Food & Spirits was first owned by Adolph Raash, in 1890 he had a wagon shop. He then went into the tavern business. Successive owners have been Herman Franke and his son Lester, Roger Schiss, Morry Erickson, John Rawlin, Jerry Zangl. The building was leased to B& J Olig, Douglas Curtis and James Braun. In Nov. of 1993 after extensive remodeling is was opened as M& J Food & Spirits owned by Mike and Jim Polster . In 1999 it was again remodeled and enlarged. A Limousine charter service was also added in 1999.

Northland Building

This small building on East Main Street has had many uses. It began as a restaurant. It next became the Brownsville Veterinary Clinic from 1947 to 1976 when the new Vet. Clinic was built just east of the Village.  The building was then leased to Ashford Inc. Co. and in 1990 was leased to “The Print Magician” owned by Jeff Westphal. When Westphals new print shop moved to the west end of town, the building became “Brownsville Travel, Inc.” owned by Don Knebel and Cindy Koffman. In Sept. 1995 again changed names becoming “Paper Galore and More” owned by Gretchen Sommers. The building has been rented by Northland Buildings since Oct. of 1999.

Pesch Family Dentistry

Dr. John Pesch and his wife Annie moved to Brownsville in 1974. They took over an existing dental practice owned by Dr. Jeff Ausen. They were located in the Brownsville Medical Center along with Dr. Ried and Lee Frederich. The office space was approx. 1,000 sq. ft. IN 1982 they moved into the present site, 536 Main Street. The present building houses two businesses, Kemmel Insurance and Pesch Dentistry. They have approximately 1600 square feet, which provide for 3 dental chairs. They also have 3 apartments in the building.
Their dental practice and philosophy has been geared to the treatment of the whole family.
The Pesch’s have raised 3 daughters in Brownsville, Marge, Kate and Liz.


Part of the present building was built and owned by Frank Bretzke in 1905 when he started a Photo studio. In 1915 he bought the old Lutheran church, moved it to the sight of the first library and used it for a theatre to show silent movies from 1915 to 1935. Bertie Howard was the pianist. IN 1982 it was moved to adjoin the photo studio and he started to sell electrical goods. IN 1946 he sold the business to Karl Pieper. The gift shop was added to the front of the shop and operated as a gift and electric shop until 1966. The front of the store was turned into Village Office Rooms, the back of the building was Pieper’s living quarters, and there were two apartments on the second floor. In 1989 the building was purchased by Dennis Kemmel. In1994 the building was sold to Richard Schneider. Since the, tow beauty salons have operated out of the building. It is currently occupied by Pro-Paint.

Westphal’s Printing & Graphics, Inc.

Westphal’s Printing & Graphics was started back in 1985 as a part time business called, “The Printing Magician”. Jeff Westphal started this business in his parent’s basement while working at a print shop in Fond du Lac. IN Jan. of 1990, after completing college, Jeff moved the business into the former Veterinary Clinic. The business continued to operate under the Printing Magician name until growth forced them to build a new facility in the sprint of 1993. At that time the business name was changed to Westphal’s Printing and Graphics, Inc. During the past years the majority of the work Westphal’s was general printing work from business cards to computer forms. During the early 1990’s Westphals’ joined the Advertising Specialty Institute and started selling promotional product. In 1997 embroidery equipment was added to the operation. Today, Westphal’s continues to grow and is a full service priting business and promotional source to its many customers. Commercial printing, digital products, and embroidery are just a few of all the services available at Westphal’s Printing & Graphics, Inc.

Wilson Mutual / Kemmel Insurance

The Kemmel Insurance Agency was formed by Millard Kemmel in Jan. of 1963. Millard was also the Secretary-Treasurer of the Ashford Insurance Company located in Brownsville.

In Dec. of 1978, Dennis M. Kemmel joined his father in the agency and in March of 1984, Dennis took over as Sec.-Treas. of Ashford Mutual until its merger with Wilson Mutual Insurance Company in 1996.

Dennis continues to operate the Kemmel Ins. Agency, in Brownsville, serving the community and surrounding areas home, auto, farm and commercial insurance needs. Dennis’ son, Tim Kemmel also works out of the Brownsville office serving as a Claims Representative for the Wilson Mutual Insurance Co.

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